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Ductile Iron FLange Pipe

Ductile Iron FLange Pipe

The technology Is generally used following Indian standards as below:-

  • Size Range (DN Flanging Technology 80-450 mm Both Screwing/welding.
  • technology L500.1000 mrn Welding technology.

Truform, manufactures Ductile Iron Flanged pipes utilising Flanging technologies of:

  • Screwing.
  • Welding.
With truform expertise and experience in screwing technology, the DI Flanges are tightened/screwed fit on either side of the spun pipes by machines. Welded flange pipes are manufactured by welding DI Flanges on either side of Dl spun Pipes.


  • Size 80 mm to 1000 mm .
  • Length : Available in mix and std. Lengths up to 6m. Pressure Ranges : PN 10 / PN 16 / PN 25 PN 40
  • Class of Pipes : K9.
Application :
  • Vertical Pipe Lines: for overhead Tanks / Elevated Service Reservoirs (ESRIS).
  • Disengagement Requirements:
    • Application where pipelines are disengaged / dismantled for cleaning like in treatment plants for water, Effluent, Sewage and pump houses.
    • Temporary installations, applications where pipelines are transferred from one location to other require.
    • Flange Pipes like temporary pipelines required for De-Watering mines or heavily inundated areas.
  • Over Ground and & Exposed Installation: Flanged Pipes are most suitable for over ground pipelines like portions of Pipelines on Pillars / Pedestals for Rivers Canal or Road crossing and bridges.
  • Fire Fighting Systems .
  • For Laying in Hilly Areas / Slopes, even exceeding the Angles of Response.

Mechanical Properties IS 8329 :

Size DN (mm) Tensile Strength (Min) Elongation at break (Min) Hardness (Max)
Pipe 80-1000 mm 420 MPa 10% 230 HSB
Flanges 80-1000 mm 420 MPa 5% 250 HBS

Hydrostatic test pressure at works (MPa) :

Size DN (mm) PN10 PN16 PN25 PN40
80-600 1.6 2.5 3.2 4.0
700-1000 1.6 2.5 3.2 -

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